Monday, October 20, 2008


Photo by Michuzi: Albino Magi Team with its coach Oscar at right

Following the cold-blooded murders and stigma attached to albinism, albinos in Dar es Salaam have decided to have fun like everybody else, by way of forming a soccer team named Albino Magic Team that comprises more than twenty people with albinism. It’s a unique team in the world! Where else?

Albino Magic Team headquarters are at the Ocean Road Cancer Centre in the city, train everyday from 16:00 hours at a small pitch, a stone throw from the centre. The idea of forming the team was initiated and developed by Mr. Oscar Haule, who is a non-albinism but moved in advocating for albinos’ human rights, including a right to live peacefully and enjoying life like anyone else does.
A team thanking Patric Nyembela (EATV) for giving a football

“We have a myriad of short and long term plans with the purpose of shaking off false beliefs and bad attitudes against people with albinism.” Mr. Oscar told the African Chapter blog yesterday by telephone soon after a peaceful rally organized by the Albino Society of Tanzania.

Addressing the gathering President Kikwete said yesterday that the government recognizes the efforts been implimented and implimented, and that his government will strive to overcome the fear and stigma suffered by people with albinism. He also revealed that the plight of albinos is a critical challenge as the tight veil of secrecy behind the vicious murders had frustrated the efforts to contain a situation that has stained the good image of the country.

Albino Magic Team vs MP’s Team
In October 26, 2008 the Albino Magic Team is expected to defeat the MP’s team popularly know as Bunge Team during the match prepared as a curtain raiser during the epic duels between the two arch rivals, Dar Young Africans and Simba.

“The team is well prepared for the match. This is our first public match to be watched within the country and outside Tanzania, so we are eagerly interested in telling and showing the world that if albinos and other people with disabilities are empowered can do,” said Oscar who is also a team coach.

He calls for people; individuals and organizations, to support the team reach its vision. “We do not have sports equipment and our players are coming far from Ocean Road Cancer Institute. The have to walk a long distance in the Sun to attend daily exercise as we do not have team buses or money for transport”.

For more information about this team please contact
Mr. Oscar Haule, a team Director and Coach by:
telephone +255 716 040550